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About Us

Our Story

Occtao was conceptualized and launched in Aug 2019 by Rahul karn, Aditya Arun, B Balamurugan, Gunasekaran S P, Raghavendra Shrivastava and Daniel Peralta as an Education connection and analytics platform School, College and any student. They had one simple goal in mind; to revolutionize the Social connect related to education for all types of Students on a global level.

Occtao allows a Global Common Platform for students to Share their knowledge and to Evaluate themselves using high tech Analytic system.Occtao Makes use of AI and Machine learning to suggest and Help students to be in the right career path and to strengthen their Weak Areas.

Occtao Intends to connect students at all levels irrespective of global boundaries and provide one global platform to talk to each other share more to Open doors to Global education system.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a powerful technology that can help content students track and analyse the performance of each and every student, on any Subject, anywhere on the planet.

Our Mission

Our aim is to become a global leader in Educational intelligence and rise as a definitive solution to digital for students across all social and other platforms that can be accessed by anyone for better decision making.

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110076 - Delhi , India
Phone : +91-7042537857
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